Scan ID

Scan a student ID with a mobile device, at a computer station, or at a PerfectPass self-serve kiosk.

Select Incident

Select a chosen incident, such as “tardy to school” or “dress code violation”.

Collect Pass

A pass to class, warning/violation, or detention assignment will automatically print.


Search for a student in 2 secondsPrint a hall pass in 7 secondsProcess over 300 students per hour

Tailored Solution

The fastest most reliable cloud-based incident tracking solution.

PerfectPass Mobile App

The average K-12 attendance office interacts with over 50 students every morning, spending over 3 hours a day issuing hall passes and detention slips. PerfectPass is up to 10x more efficient compared to hand written forms. The time saved allows administrators to focus on the individual student.

  • Flexible Rulebase

  • SMS/E-mail Parent Notifications

  • Cloud Print Technology

  • Affordable Subscription Service

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Some Of Our Key Features

See how PerfectPass can save you time.

Easy Student Look Up

Scan student IDs with your phone and view the student schedule and incident history.

Fast Pass Printing

Connected desktop or mobile pass printers will automatically print out passes to class, warnings or assigned detention slips.

Instant Parent Notifications

Notify parents by e-mail or SMS for the incidents you choose based on your school rules.

Why Work With Us?

Trusted by some of the largest school districts.

PerfectPass is developed at Vision Database Systems. VDS has been providing identity and tracking products to K-12 schools around the country for over 30 years. In most cases, PerfectPass can be easily added to the campus systems you use now.

We’re Waiting To Help You

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