Did you know you can automatically notify parents and guardians about student behavior incidents at your school?

Parent notifications is one of the most popular features in the PerfectPass K12 behavior management system. It saves assistant principals time in the hallways and when an incident has been assigned to a student, parents are informed right away.

How do you currently process violations in your school hallways? Do you still rely on manually recording incidents or sending students to the office?

PerfectPass can be configured with your school’s rule base. You can also decide what kind of incident or what number of incidents deserve a parent notification. Maybe a dress code or cell phone use violation are not considered major offenses and only require a notification after the violations have become a habit. Other more serious behavior concerns may require a parent notification right away.

If a student is issued a violation, the parents or guardians will receive a customized e-mail or text message.



Your student, James Jones, received a 3rd warning for violating the school cell phone use policy.

A lunch time detention is assigned for XX/XX/XXXX at 12PM.

If you have any questions, please contact 555-555-5555.


Customize your parent notification however you see fit.

Your e-mails and texts will be sent from an unmonitored DO-NOT-REPLY address. Parents will not be able to directly reply to their automatic notifications.

Some schools will choose to include contact names, e-mail addresses, or phone numbers where parents can later follow up with questions about the incident that occurred.

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