Cell phone use is allowed on most high school and middle school campuses today. Students are easily able to communicate with parents and peers when allowed and most parents will say that they feel better knowing their student has a cell phone on them in case of an emergency. Phones also give students instant access to learning tools and technology that some teachers will want to use during class time.

It’s important to have access to a phone when allowed or needed, but it’s also important to clearly communicate your school’s specific cell phone use policy to the students. Your school might have a strict policy where the phone will need to be locked away in a locker or a backpack at all times during school hours. In this case it may be easier to enforce the school policy.

Many schools will have more relaxed policies that allow students to use phones at certain times or in certain areas or classes. At the beginning of the school year, make sure students have a copy of your policy and review the information with them during orientation.

If you are still looking to finalize your school’s cell phone use school rules, here are a few rule examples you may want to consider:

  1. Keep your phones turned off during all class time. (Alternatively you can ask students to silence phones as some parents choose to track their children which will require the device to be turned on)
  2. No phones out during class time unless your teacher allows it.
  3. Phones are only allowed before school, after school or during lunch hours.
  4. No cell phone use in the restrooms.
  5. Alert a teacher or staff member if you need to make an emergency call.
  6. Three strikes policy for not obeying school rules.

Ideas for consequences of not following cell phone use policy:

  1. Warning – Everyone makes mistakes, you might consider offering a warning to students before other consequences.
  2. Detention – Detentions can be served during lunch or after school.
  3. Cell Phone taken away – Students who don’t follow the rules can leave their cell phones at the front of class or in a school office to be picked up later.

Implement your Cell Phone Policy

Students will follow school rules if they know they will be faced with consequences that are enforced. Administrators don’t always have time to deal with minor infractions, and may wish to use an online app such as PerfectPass to easily track school behavior incidents from their own cell phones.

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