Hall pass management systems provide a way to keep students safe and accountable. These systems might use phones or other technology to assign students a tardy slip or discipline infraction. This can help to prevent students from wandering the halls and helps to improve student behavior.

There are many ways to approach hall pass management. You may be used to issuing hall passes on paper and recording the data by hand. However, there are affordable systems available that can simplify or even automate your hall pass management. Some systems such as PerfectPass allow administrators to use smartphones to scan student ID cards or badges.

No matter what type of system is used, the goal is to provide your school with a way to track student movement in the hallways and to reduce tardies or behavior violations.

Hall Pass Management with PerfectPass

PerfectPass is a system that uses smartphones or computer kiosks for hall pass management. When a student arrives to school late or receives a behavior violation, they can scan their ID at a self-serve kiosk or have an administrator scan their card with a phone. A pass will then be printed at the kiosk or from a mobile handheld printer. The system then records the student’s information and issues a warning, assigns detention and/or notifies parents by email or text depending on your school’s policy.

Benefits of Hall Pass Management Systems

There are many benefits to using hall pass management systems:

  • Keep students safe: By scanning student cards administrators can clear the hallways quickly. They will know where a student belongs and will have instant access to schedules and violation history.
  • Reduce tardiness: Hall pass management systems can help reduce tardiness. When students know that they need to have their ID scanned if they arrive late, they are more likely to arrive on time for class.
  • Improve attendance: Hall pass management systems can also help to improve attendance overall. A student may be less likely to skip class if they know an administrator can access their information on the spot.
  • Increase efficiency: Administrators will save time with a system that gives them easy access to student data and allows them to issue passes and violations with a few clicks.

Hall pass management systems can be a valuable tool for schools. These systems can help to keep students safe and accountable and are more affordable than you might think.

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