Behavior Incident Management

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K12 Schools

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Issue Tardy or Violations

Scan student ID cards or use manual look up to view student information.

PerfectPass starts your school day by helping you keep track of tardy students either manually through the app or with a computer set up in self-serve kiosk mode. Then throughout the day, you can issue warnings or assign detentions to enforce all school rules such as dress codes, cell phone misuse, or behavior incidents.

Print Passes

Desktop and/or mobile printers will print a student pass automatically.

PerfectPass is initially set up based on your school rules. After choosing a tardy or behavior incident, the app will automatically print either a hall pass, warning slip or an assigned detention.

iOS or Android App

Administrators can use the PerfectPass app from anywhere on campus.

PerfectPass works on both iOS and Android and can be paired with a mobile printer. Students will know administrators have access to their schedules and history and can easily print passes or issue violations and detentions no matter where they are on campus.

Notify Parents

Send SMS/text or e-mail notifications to parents.

Choose which infractions deserve a parent notification. Parents will receive an automated text and/or e-mail in real time with a customized message about the student incident from a do-not-reply notification address.


The information you need about each student is a scan away.

Once you look up a student in PerfectPass you can view their schedule to find out where they belong. You also have real time access to their behavior and violation history as well as a global view of incidents that have occurred over time.

Kiosk Mode

Run PerfectPass in Kiosk mode for student self-service.

Schools can save time by having students scan their cards for a pass. For example, they can print a pass on their own after arriving to school on a late bus.

Flexible Rulebase

Automatically follow your school’s rules.

Set up your school rules in PerfectPass once and they will be followed. For example, every third tardy could send a text home or issue a lunch detention.

Points System

PerfectPass has an optional points system feature.

Students can earn points recorded in PerfectPass to be used for rewarding positive behavior.

Assign Detention

Detention can be assigned manually or automatically.

Manually assign a student to an available detention time or automatically assign them to the next available space.


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PerfectPass Mobile App

PerfectPass works from both desktop computers and mobile phones. With the mobile app, take your discipline management and tardy tracking on the go!

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